Engraving machine DACO 120*60 cm

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Advantages of engraving machine

  • Relatively not heavy 10-14 kg whichever is the size of the machine.
  • Mobile, can be put in a car for transportation.
  • Easy to install on a stone
  • Compact, easy to maintain yourself.
  • Simple software.
  • Operates on SD-Card.
  • Ability to change the resolution of the machine.
  • Easy to operate the machine, it is possible to change the impact force during operation of the machine.
  • The relatively high engraving speed and quality does not suffer from this.
  • It makes a semitone.
  • Electricity consumption up to 40 W.
  • It can work from the uninterruptible power supply of up to 1 hour or more whichever is battery.

Options engraving machine

    1. Engraving machine in collecting.
    2. Power Supply.
    3. SD-card with the software library of images + (colors, icons, nature, crosses, etc.).
    4. Additional engraving needle to the machine – 5 pieces.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 142 x 85 x 25 cm
Рабочее поле


2 reviews for Engraving machine DACO 120*60 cm

  1. i am in india, tamilnadu, salem, we want ”Set engraving tool for engraving on stone without engraving pen”. how we can to buy. reply as soon as possible.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    За 15 років стажу художніка я ще не зустрічав лучшого помошніка, качеством довольний, бистро і удобно, сначала хотів 120*60 переконали на 78*55 і не прогадав, де я там і станок, кінув на сідушку в машину і поїхав робить. Анатолій вам спасіба!!!

    • Пожалуйста, пусть служит)

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