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(Русский) Станок Дако. Как начать работать

Many people think that it’s difficult to work with an engraving machine, but it only seems so at first glance, in fact, everything is much simpler, especially, if it is a Daco machine – a tablet type engraving machine, in this video you can watch and make sure that there is nothing complicated in how to start engraving on the machine

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Engraving machine.

Advantages of engraving machine

  • Relatively not heavy 10-14 kg whichever is the size of the machine.
  • Mobile, can be put in a car for transportation.
  • Easy to install on a stone
  • Compact, easy to maintain yourself.
  • Simple software.
  • Operates on SD-Card.
  • Ability to change the resolution of the machine.
  • Easy to operate the machine, it is possible to change the impact force during operation of the machine.
  • The relatively high engraving speed and quality does not suffer from this.
  • It makes a semitone.
  • Electricity consumption up to 15 W.
  • It can work from the uninterruptible power supply of up to 1 hour or more whichever is battery.

Options engraving machine

    1. Engraving machine in collecting.
    2. Power Supply.
    3. SD-card with the software library of images + (colors, icons, nature, crosses, etc.).
    4. Additional engraving needle to the machine – 5 pieces.

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Set of tools for engraving on granite

A set of tools for engraving on stone or granite, it consists of 28 items, (Set for engraving on stone – 1) + (Set scalpel-10pcs) + (hammer for scalpels) + (diamond grinding wheel for sharpening) + (2 pcs pencil stone.) including a pencil for engraving (220VOLT) with additional needles for replacement – 5 pieces. The tips of the needles are made of carbide – Tungsten carbide (VK-8). Weight-3.8kg.

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Engraving – It is a type of visual art. Engraving or etching – is the application of of small depressions on the surface of different types of material, by means of special tool. Engraving made on materials such as natural stones – granite namely, metal, glass, plastic, wood. Is most often found engraving on granite in the field of funeral services. Implemented by engraving a special tool – metal needles of firm alloy tipped and diamond needles which are often used in engraving machines. If we talk about engraving machines, the engraving machines is the best automated and precise instrument or better said equipment for printing on a granite, where they are often used. On our site you can see a tool for engraving on granite we sell. You can also see and find out more information on our videochannel about engraving on granite